Special announcements

Maxlogins command removed for regular users

Starting last week, CService has decided to remove the MAXLOGINS feature for regular users.
The reason is simple enough. The number of floodbots has increased, and the maxlogins feature was disabled because the floodbots used it to hide their IP's, and this way they were harder to track. Also, kiddies were using this feature to login more than one time with usernames, just to play around. Not to mention the HUGE lag on the Channel Service bot.
Nowadays, the command is available only to network officials and CService people.

New usermode +x, and channel mode +r

With the introduction of CService usernames, users can hide their real IP address without using a bounced connection. All they have to do is to login into X using /msg X@europeirc.org login username password, and type /mode nickname-here +x. Your host will change into *!*@your_username.users.europeirc.org , which is unresolvable and secure.
Also, access to Europeirc channels can be restricted only to those who are registered and currently authentificated, by introducing channel mode +r. To set it, simply get ops in the channel and type /mode #channel-name +r, and only those who are logged in to X with their username, can join the channel. These modes are useful against flooders.

Feature removed - Flood Protection, Feature added - Floating Limit

Due the HUGE lag on the Channel Service Bot lately, CService decided to set its usermode to +d (Deaf). This means it will ignore any channel text, therefore the FloodProtection feature became obsolete.
However, a new protection was implemented. Floating limit. This is useful against join/part floods, and it consists in X setting the channel limit automatically. Turn it on by /msg X set #channel floatlim on, if you're a 450+ channel op. For Floatlim's additional parameters, please consult the X Command list at http://cservice.europeirc.org/docs .

X is going NUTS!

Lately, X isn't acting much like a channel service bot, it's acting more like a regular client. You can see that as it follows :)

(11:00:24 GMT +2) * Quits: @X (cservice@europeirc.net) (Killed (*.europeirc.org (older nick overruled)))
21:15 - * X (cservice@europeirc.net) Quit (Potty Break. BRB.)
19:47 - * X (cservice@europeirc.net) Quit (Screw you guys, I'm going home)
04:55 - * X (cservice@europeirc.net) has left #* (So long. And thanks for all the fish!)
* X is now known as W
* W is now known as X

Nickname Registration on Europeirc? - April 2004

You probably noticed that when you login to the Channel Service website, you get a one-time welcome page, inviting you to register your nickname!? I know, you thought that the most representative thing for Europeirc is the lack of nickname registration. What's with the form then? Well, it was an April Fool's Day joke, and you have to admit that it was pretty well designed. At the moment, the coders are currently implementing a picture that will state it was only a joke, as more and more people are coming to #CService to ask about it.
See you next year :)

Slight modification of Level 0 Commands to Level 1 Commands

Due of recent floods on X, CService was forced to modify the Info (/msg x info username) & the Access (/msg x access #channel *) commands, along with the rest of Level 0 commands to Level 1. This means you can use them only if you are logged in to X with your username. Now, only the /msg X verify nickname command works if you're not logged in. We were forced to do this because flood bots were using the Info & Access command to attack our Channel Service Bot.

Maximum nickname lenght increased - May 2004

Along with the new version of the ircu, we decided to modify the maximum nickname lenght from 9 characters to 12 characters, to allow you 3 more characters of unconditioned imagination :)
By the end of the week, all europeirc servers will run the new version of the ircu, and you will be able to use a long nickname for good.
However, X doesn't support bans set on nicknames longer than 9 characters, at least for now.

Chaos in #CService - 17 April 2005

Europeirc users got G-LINED! Due of an copy&paste error, every client, including X, was g-lined, no matter what server it was using. During this time, no one was able to connect to Europeirc.
In a couple of hours, the network staff figured out the problem and solved it immediately, and Europeirc was functional again, although when they reconnected back again, users were wondering what happened and they were joining #CService and asking that question. It created a undescribable chaos.
This massive G-line helped europeirc in cleaning some floodbots, warez, porn & hack channels :)

RDS Bacau is no longer our sponsor

RDS Bacau has stopped sponsoring Europeirc due of recently heavy DdoS attacks. RDS Bacau also used to sponsor an IRC server (Bacau.Ro.Eu.europeirc.org) that got delinked as well because lack of sponsorship. The CService webpage wasn't working anymore, and CService was in a lookout for a new sponsor, which was eventually found.
CService would like to thank RDS for the past support and assistance, and would like to greet Dynamic-Rack as the new sponsor.

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